2022-07-25 21:46:09






Study on O2O Mode of B Garment Company


China#39;s e-commerce market is highly competitive and has huge space for development at the same time. At present the clothing company#39;s e-commerce model is divided into three types: B2B, B2C, O2O. Among them, O2O mode is the most popular mode at present. Simply put, the idea of O2O mode is to establish a more comprehensive e-commerce marketing model by online internet and offline physical clothing stores and serve the long-term development of the clothing company. So, this issue what thinks about how to better serve the B Clothing Co., Ltd. through the Internet is imminent.

This article aims to understand the research status of e-commerce at home and abroad, and analyzes in detail the content and characteristics of B2B, B2C and O2O. This article hopes to improve B clothing company#39;s profitability by O2O cutting-edge business model, help B apparel company to meet the ever-changing and diverse needs of their customers and achieve B clothing company#39;s overall sales growth.

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