Bi2Fe2O4/3DOM TiO2的制备与表征文献综述

 2022-07-31 05:07


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碱土金属元素通常指元素周期表中ⅡA族元素,其价态通常为0价和+2价,镁金属及其化合物是其中的典型。2007年Jones和Stasch首次在Science 期刊上报道了稳定的一价镁金属化合物合成,随后不同配体的一价镁金属化合物被陆续报道。在有机、无机、过渡金属中被广泛应用,其优异的还原性能更是成为国内外学者的研究热点。目前主流的合成方法有两种即beta; -二亚胺配体和胍基配位,其中beta; -二亚胺配体稳定的一价镁[{(MesNacnac)Mg}2]和[{(DippNacnac)Mg}2]应用最广,它们与胍基配位[{(Priso)Mg}2]相比具有更高的产率,更好的热稳定性好。本文主要介绍了室温稳定条件下的beta; -二亚胺配体稳定的一价镁[{(MesNacnac)Mg}2]金属化合物的制备方法及其表征,以及其在有机、无机化学等方面的应用的一些最新进展。


Synthesis of 2,4,6-trimethylaniline Substituted Magnesium(I) Compounds


Alkaline earth metal elements usually refer to the group IIA elements of the periodic table, and their valence states are usually 0 and 2. In 2007, Jones and Stasch first reported the stable synthesis of Mg(I) compounds in the Science Journal. followed by Mg(I) complexes of different organic ligands. Metal compounds have been reported successively. They are widely used in organic, inorganic and transition metals, and their excellent reduction properties have become the research hotspots of scholars at home and abroad. At present, the mainstream synthesis methods are beta;-diketimine ligand and sulfhydryl coordination method, among which the most widely used is beta;-diketimine ligand-stabilized magnesium(1) [{(MesNacnac)Mg}2] and [ {(DippNacnac)Mg}2], they have a higher yield and better thermal stability than the magnesium(1) compound [{(Priso)Mg}2) coordinated with a mercapto group. This paper mainly introduces the preparation method and characterization of beta;-diketimine ligand-stabilized magnesium(1) [{(MesNacnac)Mg}2] metal compound under room temperature stability conditions, and its organic and inorganic chemistry, Some recent advances in the application of aspects.

Key words:one-valent magnesium;alkaline earth metal;synthesis;applications

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