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桥梁工程设计是桥梁建设的关键环节之一,对桥梁建造、成桥及长期安全使用效果起着决定性作用。本着“适用、安全、经济、美观”的设计原则,考虑到结构类型要便于施工安装并要兼顾本地区施工单位的设备能力及经验,故不再进行其它桥型比较,桥梁体系就选用简支梁体系。上部结构采用预制装配结构,以便上下部结构能平行作业,节省工期,节约造价。由于板式桥梁具有构造简单、受力明确的特点,可以工厂化预制,便于质量控制和降低成本可以根据需求,采用钢筋混凝土或预应力混凝土结构,做成实心或空心断面,并可就地现浇为适应各种形状的弯、坡、斜桥,因此,在一般公路、高等级 公路和城市道路桥梁中广泛采用,此次设计选用预应力空心板简支梁桥,本文主要介绍了预应力混凝土空心板梁桥设计计算方法。



Bridge engineering design is one of the key links in bridge construction, which plays a decisive role in bridge construction, bridge construction and long-term safe use. Based on the design principle of“applicable, safe, economical and beautiful”, considering the type of structure to facilitate construction and installation, and taking into account the equipment capabilities and experience of the construction units in the area, no other bridge types are compared, and the bridge system is simplified. Beam system. The upper structure adopts a prefabricated assembly structure, so that the upper and lower structures can work in parallel, saving construction time and saving cost. Because the slab bridge has the characteristics of simple structure and clear force, it can be prefabricated by the factory, which is convenient for quality control and cost reduction. It can be made of reinforced concrete or prestressed concrete structure according to the demand, and it can be made into solid or hollow section and can be poured in place. In order to adapt to various shapes of curved, slope and inclined bridges, it is widely used in general roads, high-grade roads and urban roads and bridges. This design uses prestressed hollow slab simple supported girder bridges. This paper mainly introduces prestressed concrete. Design calculation method for hollow slab girder bridge.

Key words: simply supported girder bridge; prestressed concrete; hollow slab


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