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桥梁,一般指架设在江河湖海上,使车辆行人等能顺利通行的构筑物。为适应现代高速发展的交通行业,桥梁亦引申为跨越山涧、不良地质或满足其他交通需要而架设的使通行更加便捷的建筑物。由于板式桥梁具有构造简单、受力明确的特点,可以工厂化预制,便于质量控制和降低成本可以根据需求,采用钢筋 混凝土或预应力混凝土结构,做成实心或空心断面,并可就地现浇为适应各种形状的弯、坡、斜桥,因此,在一般公路、高等级 公路和城市道路桥梁中广泛采用。本文主要介绍了预应力混凝土空心板梁桥设计计算步骤。



Bridges generally refer to structures that are erected on rivers and lakes so that pedestrians can pass smoothly. In order to adapt to the modern and high-speed development of the transportation industry, bridges have also been extended to buildings that have been erected across mountains, bad geology, or other transportation needs to make traffic more convenient. Because plate-type bridges have the characteristics of simple structure and clear force, they can be prefabricated in factories, facilitate quality control and reduce costs, and can be made into solid or hollow sections using reinforced concrete or prestressed concrete structures according to demand. It can be poured in situ to accommodate various shapes of bends, slopes, and sloping bridges. Therefore, it is widely used in general highways, high-grade highways, and urban road bridges. This paper mainly introduces the design and calculation steps of prestressed concrete hollow beam bridge.

Key words:Prestressed concrete; Hollow beam bridge; Design calculation


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